These Paisley printed cotton bandana's are the perfect fetish fashion accessory. Available in a range of bright or muted colours depending on your preference, wear it around your head, around your neck or your wrist to subtly yet fashionably show your true fetish colours.

The wearing of various coloured bandanas around the neck was common in the mid- and late-nineteenth century by american cowboys and was adopted by the LGBT community to signal the wearers sexual focus with the modern hanky code in about 1971. 

What colour should you wear? well the depends on if you're wearing this to signal your fetish or just because you like the colour. Just because you wear yellow for example does not mean you're into watersports!

Black - S&M

Blue - Anal/Oral Sex

Brown - Scat

Green - Sex Worker

Grey - Bondage

Orange - Anything goes (with consent!!!!)

Purple - Piercing

Red  - Fisting

Yellow - Watersports

Pink - Toy play

White - Self/ Mutual gratification